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BMO Experts at our 18th Annual Farm to Market Conference

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Our annual Farm to Market Conference is an industry-leading event bringing together global leaders to discuss the future of the agriculture and food sector. This two-day event features investors and corporates from crop input production, agribusiness, protein, distribution and retail, consumer products and beverages. 

Our experts provided insights into the challenges the agriculture and food sectors continue to experience during these times of volatility and acceleration of the transition to net zero. Hear from:

  • Michael Cippoletti, Managing Director & Head of Food, Consumer & Retail Investment Banking

  • Andrew Strelzik, BMO Senior Analyst covering Restaurants, Beverages, Agribusiness & Protein

  • Erica T. Kuhlmann, Market Executive & Managing Director, Food, Consumer and Agribusiness Group of BMO Commercial Bank

  • Michael Johns, Managing Director, Food, Consumer & Retail

  • Joel Jackson, BMO Senior Analyst covering the crop input and chemical sectors

  • Kelly Bania, Equity Research Analyst, Food Retail & Distribution

  • Janine Sekulic, Managing Director and U.S. Head of Agriculture at BMO Commercial Bank

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Food, Consumer & Retail 19th Annual Global Farm to Market Conference

May 15, 2024 New York

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Food, Consumer & Retail Chemicals @ Farm to Market

May 16, 2024 New York

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