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Artificial Intelligence Can Save Banking from Itself

Global Banks & Global Trade August 03, 2022
Global Banks & Global Trade August 03, 2022
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Shelly Liposky, Global Head, Business Risk & Solutions, recently wrote an article, published to American Banker, sharing insight on how Artificial Intelligence can help financial institutions prevent fraud, improve process, prevent loss, and create capacity. 

Originally published to American Banker July 13, 2022.


Would you drive fast at night without lights, airbags, or seatbelts? Hopefully not! As with AI used in vehicles, AI helps banks see what’s coming, so we can change course or stop on a dime. 

Using AI to Save us from Ourselves

Many years ago, one couldn't be blamed for a car accident at night. After all, there were no car or road lights to see what was coming, no traffic lights at an intersection and no weather apps to anticipate road conditions. The impact of a traffic accident was expected to be bad because there were no seatbelts, airbags, or alerts to call for help.

As advancements in vehicle and traffic safety have evolved, we are more accountable for anticipating what could go wrong and using tools to prevent it…

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Shelly Liposky Global Head, Business Risk and Solutions


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