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BMO’s 30th annual Global Metals and Mining Conference is Underway

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BMO’s 30th annual Global Metals and Mining Conference is underway. We have record attendance this year, underscoring the importance of this event, especially in times of crisis like the global pandemic we are all living through today.

Always a barometer of industry sentiment, it’s no surprise that this year’s conference will see a focus on the Road to Recovery, on the transition to a lower-carbon, sustainable economy, and on the critical role that mining will play in supplying the metals needed to pursue initiatives ranging from clean energy to the electric vehicle revolution.

Our conference this year is set against a backdrop of uncertainty about what the world will look like as it emerges from pandemic, although there are hopeful signposts. We open each day with a look at how the individual components of ESG are evolving to impact and influence change in mining.

Underscoring a global political scene in flux, our Monday keynote presentation will feature Ian Bremmer, president and founder of the Eurasia Group, discussing how global political risk is evolving, and what it means for how and where we do business. 

As the world eyes recovery, and a return of demand for new infrastructure in emerging markets especially, our guests will discuss and debate rapidly recovering metals prices and the outlook for deal-making at a time when it is still difficult to get boots on the ground.

We’ll also talk about the prospects for continued demand from China, for precious metals like gold and for industrial metals, and the implications of a new U.S. government in areas ranging from environmental to trade policies, and infrastructure spending stimulus.

Every year that I attend this conference, I am reminded of how BMO has been serving the metals and mining industry for over a century, and every year I understand a little more about how critical this gathering has become. Read more about the event or follow us on Twitter at BMOmetalsmining. #BMOConference

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Dan Barclay Chief Executive Officer, BMO Capital Markets


Global Metals & Mining 32nd Global Metals, Mining & Critical Minerals Conference

Feb. 26, 2023 - March 1, 2023 Hollywood, Florida

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