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On the ground at the Global Metals & Mining Conference

Global Metals & Mining Conferences February 24, 2020
Global Metals & Mining Conferences February 24, 2020
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BMO’s annual Global Metals and Mining conference is underway for the 29th year, showcasing as the barometer of industry sentiment and providing a common ground for plans to be laid for the year ahead.  This year, conversations are set against an industry backdrop of a world working its way through the coronavirus and lingering trade disputes and tensions.

Covering topics such as China’s commodity demand or the production and expansion plans of the world’s largest miners, producers are airing their expectations at this exclusive gathering of industry executives, while investors ask the questions: how will producers allocate capital? Are they on the lookout for acquisitions?

At a time when sustainability is so key to the industry agenda, a highly anticipated panel will discuss the implications and opportunities that ESG and sustainable investing present to the metals and mining industry.  What is clear is that the 1,400 CEOs and investors gathered at this conference are influential to creating a sustainable future.

Every year that I attend this conference I am reminded how BMO has been serving the mining industry for over a century.

For more information, read the press release and follow us on Twitter @BMOMetalsMining #BMOConference #BMOMetalsMining


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Global Metals & Mining 32nd Global Metals, Mining & Critical Minerals Conference

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