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IN Tune: Food and Ag Takeaways From the Farm to Market Conference

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IN Tune is a podcast featuring Equity Research analysts from BMO Capital Markets. Our episodes explore key emerging themes, trends, and issues which are important to our institutional clients globally.  

This episode is hosted by Joel Jackson, Fertilizers & Chemicals Analyst, Ken Zaslow, Ag/Protein & Packaged Food Analyst, and Kelly Bania, Food Retail & Distribution Analyst

BMO Capital Markets’ Group Head, Dan Barclay, moderates a discussion on the takeaways from BMO’s 16th Annual Farm to Market Conference across the food and agriculture value chain.

Joel Jackson, Chemicals and Fertilizer Analyst, explores how farmers and crop input producers are handling higher commodity prices, how on-farm carbon management and sustainability are becoming increasingly relevant, how digital agriculture analytics tools have become table stakes, and how technology may become the solution to a host of farming stresses, including sustainability, labour shortages, and an aging farmer demographic.

Kelly Bania, Food Retail Analyst, discusses the critical importance of supply chains in the food industry, the outlook for food inflation, and how membership fatigue could push more partnerships across the consumer landscape so that retailers can offer benefits beyond the basics.

Ken Zaslow, Food and Agribusiness Analyst, dives into how many of the companies across the food supply chain are positioned to benefit from the current environment. In addition, he suggests that the inflation we are seeing is both broad based and demand driven, and exacerbated by supply constraints, implying it is unlikely to ease in the near term. Ken also digs into the learnings from his recent report “Mission Impossible: Assessing ESG Risks and Opportunities in the US Packaged Food Industry.”

Together, Dan and the three analysts take a deep dive into trends of the future, inflation, and ESG in a 20-minute podcast that covers the core themes of BMO’s 16th Annual Farm to Market Conference.


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Podcast disclosure

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Joel Jackson, P.Eng., CFA Equity Research Analyst, Fertilizers and Chemicals
Kelly Bania Equity Research Analyst, Food Retail & Distribution


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Food, Consumer & Retail 19th Annual Global Farm to Market Conference

May 15, 2024 New York

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Food, Consumer & Retail Chemicals @ Farm to Market

May 16, 2024 New York

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