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Top 10 Toys of the 2022 Holiday Season

Research & Strategy November 17, 2022
Research & Strategy November 17, 2022
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Gerrick Johnson, BMO Equity Research Analyst covering the toys, games, and leisure sector, is back by popular demand to highlight the Top 10 Toys of the holiday season. From kinetic sand to crystal balls, this list has it all. Watch the video to find out about this year’s top 10 toys!

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Gerrick Johnson:

Happy Holidays! I’m Gerrick Johnson, equity research analyst at BMO covering the toys, games, and leisure sector. Each year so many new and exciting toys hit the market. So, in the true spirit of BMO, We’re here to help! Today I’m going to share with you what we think will be the top 10 toys this holiday season.

So, during tough economic times the classics always do well. At number ten we have a new spin on a true classic, Connect 4 called Connect 4 Spin. This Connect 4 adds an extra layer of strategy, after you play your piece, you give it a spin to win!

Number nine is kinetic sand swirl n surprise from Spin Master, a new spin on a more recent classic. We pump the wheel to get it spinning, and now we pour sand into the wheel. When we’re done we get great designs out of kinetic sand. It’s the perfect way to recycle all those bits of sand stuck in the carpet.

Number eight is the Fisher-Price Little People Collector Series by Mattel. Little People trace their roots to a simpler time in the 1950s. The Little People of today are stylized, molded plastic with more personality than ever. Tapping into the hot collector market Mattel has introduced the Little People Collectors Series… Here we have The Office, with Dwight, Jim, Pam, and Michael. My favorite, we’ve got the Beatles. And Ralphie from A Christmas Story. These are adorable collectibles for toddlers AND their parents.

Our number seven toy is Gabby’s Purrfect Dollhouse from Spin Master. Gabby’s Dollhouse is a top kids’ program on Netflix about a girl named Gabby, of course, who transforms into a small, animated version of herself and hangs out with her kitty cat friends in her dollhouse. I think this dollhouse will be feline off the shelves.

Our number six toy isn’t necessarily a toy, it’s more like a phenomenon. Pokémon is over 25 years old, and I don’t think it has ever been hotter than it is today. Here we have the Pokémon Elite Trainer Box, a can’t miss for any aspiring Pokémon trainer in your home.

Our number five toy in an RC vehicle that’s more than meets the eye. This is the Optimus Prime Converting RC from Jada Toys. Optimus Prime works as a robot, or as a vehicle—offering true on-the-fly conversion. This one will Transform any kid’s Holiday into the best one ever.

Our number four pick is the MegaChomp Shark from Skyrocket Toys.The Megachomp shark swims across the floor, devouring everything in sight…

Continuing on the RC theme, our number three toy is Air Titans Massive Attack T-Rex R/C from JAKKS Pacific. Air Titans are Inflatable RC Dinosaurs inspired by the Jurassic World Movie. They are not quite life sized, but larger than life for any 5-year old.

The Minions Fart 'n Fire Super-Size Blaster is our number two toy. This blaster has 20 different fart sounds. It even has sent spray. Smells like a winner to me! Better hurry because this one’s gonna blow out!

Our top toy for 2022 is the Magic Mixies Crystal Ball from Moose Toys. Now who on Wall Street doesn’t wish they had a crystal ball? Wave the magic wand around the crystal ball … and hocus pocus. I see this toy in your kid’s future

So, there you have it! My top ten toys for the 2022 holiday season. Happy Holidays!

Gerrick Johnson Toy & Leisure Analyst

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