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Episode 29: What 20 Years of ESG Engagement Can Teach Us About the Future

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BMO Global Asset Management’s Responsible Investing team celebrated their 20th year of investor engagement in 2020. In that time, corporate engagement on ESG issues has gone from niche to relatively mainstream, but there is still much work to do help companies align their bottom lines with positive ESG changes in their business.

Jonathan Hackett is joined by Vicki Bakhshi, a Director in BMO GAM’s Responsible Investing team, to discuss the sea change that has taken place during the last 20 years of investor engagement. Plus, Vicki discusses what the team believes the next ten years will bring as engagement on ESG topics broadens to more companies in more countries than ever before.

In this episode:

  • What defines engagement as investors

  • 2000-2010: The first ten years of engagement

  • 2010-2020: Investor engagement becomes more mainstream

  • Looking to the future: Tying values to valuations

  • The impacts that engaged investors can have on global ESG progress

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Jonathan Hackett Co-Head, BMO Energy Transition and Head, Sustainable Finance

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