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Tackling Climate Change in Metals and Mining: ICMM CEO Rohitesh Dhawan in Conversation

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Increasingly industry has come to the realization that to reach 2050 climate goals, big business must take a leadership role. That was one of the key takeaways from this conversation between Rohitesh Dhawan, CEO of the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) and Dan Barclay, Chief Executive Officer of BMO Capital Markets, at the 2022 Global Metals and Mining Conference. In this episode, Barclay and Dhawan also discuss how ESG is the number one agenda item for this industry group that represents many of the world’s largest mining companies.

In this episode:

  • How the mining industry is planning to meet 2050 climate goals

  • Real world examples of how mining companies are embracing renewable energy

  • The social impacts of mining – where the industry is getting it right and how to improve

  • Why there’s a need for increasing amounts of critical minerals

  • The role of financial institutions in enabling the transition to net zero

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Dan Barclay Chief Executive Officer, BMO Capital Markets

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