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James Fotheringham

US Financial Services Analyst, BMO Capital Markets Corp.

James joined BMO Capital Markets Equity Research as a senior analyst in 2014 and covers large-cap banks, asset managers, specialty finance, and financial technology. From both the sell side and buy side, James has applied analyses to generate successful investment ideas within the financials sector for over a decade and a half. Together with his team, his investment process considers economic trends and policy responses to macro conditions, in addition to fundamental and detailed company modelling. James started his career as a sell-side research analyst at Goldman Sachs, first covering European banks from London, then U.S. specialty finance and asset managers from New York. His published research first warned of the U.S. mortgage crisis in November 2006. During the Great Recession, James was a global financials analyst at Paulson & Company, a New York-based event-driven hedge fund. As part of a three-person team responsible for $10 billion invested in as many as 70 financials securities, James helped to generate significant P/L on both sides of the financials crisis. Before joining BMO, James was co-founder and portfolio manager at Petrarca Capital, a $60 million global financials sector fund.